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These leads are beyond bogus, and some of them are downright comical. Then when you request a credit, its approved no problem.... but they never credit it back to your credit card.

They say they're affiliated with but that's certainly not where they're getting their data from.
They ripped me off and charged my credit card unauthorized, leads were 100% junk and aged, clearly something unethical going on
I've never had any luck with the life or LTC leads from them so I quit buying them, but I have had a lot of luck with the DI. Probably a 20-25% closing ratio with them with about half of those picking up life with me. Disability leads have been my favorite with any company who sells them but they are few and far between. I have tried one cancer lead and made contact, never set the appointment but she is still in my prospect box. I'll keep trying her every 3-6 months though. I would like to check out the business leads but after hearing some of the responses here, I'm a little leery.

You are probably right about the quotesauction affiliation though. I tried them for about 20 leads a year ago, I got 18 life and 2 DI. I sold 1 DI who also bought a life policy. I made $1600 after shelling out only $200, not bad but I figured I'd save myself the money spent on life and just buy DI leads from leadsclearance

So far it has worked out pretty good for me, it's where most of my DI cases came from this year.
Well you can't argue with results. If the DI cases keep working for you then go for it. Never spend more than you're willing to lose, though.

They have ignored my last 3 attempts to collect so I'm taking it to the CA Attorney General. I'll let them sort it out while AMEX makes me whole again.
I am a whinny baby and I am taking my marbles and going home..........
Last edited by a moderator: is part of which is part of witch is owned by ITSOL, INC. ( That company has been mentioned of this forum hundreds of times. Everyone seems to agree that everything from that company is a sketchy. ITSOL, Inc has more complaints filed against them then all the leads companies combined. Before you purchase leads online search this forum. Good LucK!