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Sterling & Unicare Contracts


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Does anyone know if Sterling offers a contract to independent agents? Also where can a person get a contract for Unicare to offer the MSA plan?
I am independent and contracted with Sterling through an fmo. Premiums are low in Ohio, but so are the commisions.
Is it Sterling Investors or Sterling Life Insurance Co? I am looking for Sterling Life Ins Co that offers the Sterling Option I & II MA plans
I was talking about Sterling Investors. I am only getting 18% and 14% for ages 80+ and they will only advance 6 months until 25 apps then 9 months after that. Are you contracted direct? I guess 18% is not that low, but I am getting 21% thru american continental & 22% for united world, both 12 month advance.
Wow, 22% for united world??? Where did you get that? The highest I could find is 18%. Is that level?

My sterling contract is through AIMC. I couldn't get a direct contract. I don't believe the commish drops until 85 for me.
IS american continental competitive in OH? They aren't competitve here in indiana. Their plan D is about $20 more per month than Admiral's. Their J is $20 more than United Worlds F.
My United World contract is through The American Group Insurance Brokerage out of TX. Its 22% year 1-6, 9% year 7-10.