Strange Call Left on Machine


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Got a call left on machine by auto dialer. Asked me if I wanted to work Part time selling health insurance and make 2500 a week. The number left required a password to hear mesg. The number left was 641-715-3800 and password was 76286. The number that called me linked up to The Monroe Group Anyone wanna check it out.

P.S.... After I looked over my post it looked like I was spaming the site.. U people know me well enoug to know this is not spam, I just hate dealing with people like this and I just dont want to be bothered
Agreed... you have to wonder how anyone in business would use a non-descript email address like or some of the others.

Especially when you can buy a domain - and get an email address with it - for $8-$9 a YEAR.

The exception is gmail. The techies find it COOL. Get it anywhere, and it has the best spam filter goin'.
ok... the thread is moving in a different i guess the answer is NO, no one got the call but me.... great, I ain't calling them, i dont want some freek pestering me for the next 10 years
First of all, I grew up in the 641 area code in Iowa, near Monroe county, and that site is TN, are you sure they are the same folks? Or, maybe they have a call center in Iowa and it's some strange coincidence that it's in or near Monroe county?