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Stupid post, but help me find the moral courage...


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I know this sounds very stupid and so very random. Some of you I'm sure will say, "if you need motivation to be ethical, than get out of this business."

Some of you have seen me post about my situation.
To summarize: I work for a company no one here seems to like. Further research has convinced me that I don't like it either. I've read more about the actual cost of health services and am now painfully enlightened as to the shortfalls of my company's policies. Here lies the dilemma.

I sold a couple that owns their own business one of my policies. They currently have BCBS. I did explain that my policy, while cheaper, is NOT major medical like their BC plan. I explained the policy' benefits and limitations. However, I've recently learned about the dark side of my company, and the true cost of medical services. I have a feeling that THEY do not truly understand the real cost of medical services and what they may be left to pay in the event of a major illness. I literally cannot sleep tonight over thinking about one of them getting very sick and being forced into bankruptcy trying to pay medical bills, all the while they've given (or would have given) my company 500 a month for insurance. I desperately (well not desperately, I'm still gonna eat without it) need to bring some money home because I really haven't made much of anything and money keeps on flowing out.

I just need some one to reinforce to me that I need to just sit down with those people, apologize, and tell them to keep their current policy in force.

I don't mean to sound annoying or be a "hey, feel sorry with me" type person. I just need a little advice I guess you'ld say on the best way to sit these folks down and unsell them everything I sold them without looking like an ignoramus.
Follow your conscience. Move on, make a sincere effort to explain the situation to your clients. Some will believe you, others will simply feel you are just trying to scam them again.

Use this opportunity to get on the right track and move forward.
There's nothing wrong with telling them that you have reconsidered the value of what you're selling after further research and recommend that that they stick with BCBS.

Tell them you will research other major medical options and be back to them soon.
Just get away from united american and work for another insurance co. or marketing firm.....some life co's will give you salary to start.....
I understand how you feel and though it may be of no consequence to you, however, I too market limited and mini med plans as well as major med. One thing that I do, is I make the comparison of the limited vs the 80-20 plans or bcbs plans and STRESS the difference between the both of them.

On the other hand people buy for different reasons as we all know. I called a guy who had started the app process with another agent, then cancelled out. Well that is fine it is his choice, so I called to see if I could help him in any manner and ask him why he cancelled. He referenced it as being a discount program and he would be pi**ing away his money, which is itsn't, just limited plan period and hippa approved, anyway I said okay, well what did you get in it's place? Um, nothing. So the guy would rather have nothing at all, over anything that will help defray med costs, oh well, his choice. Now that I have added a major carrier I will call him back and see if he has any desires to get full coverage. I don't blame people who will not buy a limited plan, not when they want the works, but they have to pay for it either way.

If you explain how the benefits work and stress the difference between the major med plans vs the limited plans, well it is then up to them, they do make the final decision, albeit on the info you provide. If I do this well, then I don't have any problems about how I feel whether they buy or not. I want the best for my clients. I have lost sales in this manner too, one lady who has since became a good friend told me that I was too honest, um, could be but I am not sure.
I called them up, and asked if I could swing by today. When I stressed that I wasn't coming buy to sell him anything else, only to advise him, he agreed to let me come. I apologized for wasting his time and and advised him to keep what he had or at least switch to another major medical.

He thanked me. I'm glad I did it. Now, I gotta go find a way to make some money.
Unfortunately there's not always a financial reward for doing the right thing. However in my 16+ years in the biz it seems like somehow it comes back to you about a hundred fold. Eventually.

I agree with this 100%. If you ALWAYS do what's best for the client, even if it means that you don't make the sale -- and maybe even ESPECIALLY if it means that you don't make the sale -- your reward is likely to come later from some direction you can't even see right now. Maybe that client refers all of his friends and family to you. Maybe he goes on to own a company and calls upon you -- because you showed him how honest you are -- for all of his company's insurance needs. Has happened to me several times in my 15 yrs in the biz. Do the right thing, and you will be rewarded.