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Hi I just when to an interview with a DM from Farmers
and I will be going again on next week

at this time I will like to know some more info on how everything works
By reading in the forum i have found a lot of info about farmers.

on my next interview we will be going into more details.
what type of question should I ask the DM rewarding the contract, & commissions?
what license should I get first ?
what type of commissions should i get or not?

just need a basic to know if a i am been rep off?
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Yes, I would say you are super new! You will need a Property and Casualty Insurance license to sell Insurance in your state. However I am not very sure what a comitions is?

I would assume you mean "commissions"? I would suggest that you work on your spelling a little bit though.

just need a basic to know if a i am been rep off? Perhaps, you should ask the dm will you be graded and evaluated on your spelling lol

ohhhhhhhweeeeeyahh loud laugh of Titanic proportions I'm in the same boat trollin the ocean of insurance companie's and don't wish to sink before my career begins , Say by the way "Supernew" I can't spell either so don't fret..... I just thought I'd mesh with you Fella's in here and maybe learn somethin if some of more savy insurance guy's decide to drop in . I too would like to toss it in the Boxx to see what kind of reponse's I get or rather info regarding : Farmers, Allstate , AIG, 21st century I passed the property & casualty exam in the state CA. recently and now I'm searching and researching various companie's for further training and employment etc, If you have worked for any of the companie's above I'd appreciate your comment's take your pick , Thank's