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Anyone have any opinions on

They charge $1400/mo per agent to tap into their dialer and lead database, plus of course they are acting as a GA and making an override.

They are pushing MPI over the phone, specifically Liberty, Midland, AIG, and one other.

Interesting concept - I have yet to hear one person who has tried it? Anyone have any reviews?

I know the override + fees is high - I am really more interested if anyone has tried their system such as:

-Do they have enough leads
-Are leads "warm" as they claim or "cold" calls
-Any other known issues.
I have limited experience with them. I attended their online seminar and went as far as filling out the paperwork...

I stopped short of pulling the trigger when I heard from a couple of agents that actually used them that the leads and results were fair to middlin at best... so I decided to hold off.

Their original concept (sales pitch) was to have a direct lead source from mortgage brokers where by the new mortgage closings would be directed to their data base.

Feed back from the agents mentioned earlier was that the data base was not adequate to compensate for the number of agents they were trying to recruit to the system ( many repeated contacts). Add in that the Liberty appointment has a stipulation of 100% chargeback if the case lapses within 6 months. The service was month to month but you need to give a 30 day notice to cancel services, so figure to be there at least 2 months and plus the setup fee... a bit more than what I personally was willing to spend at the time to experiment.

But who knows, maybe they improved, but with the housing market the way it is, and since this was one of their main selling points (connection with mortgage leads) I am still not ready to try them but I would love to hear additional feedback if any agents have tried them and their results.

Add in that the Liberty appointment has a stipulation of 100% chargeback if the case lapses within 6 months.
I am looking at the paperwork and do not see such stipulation - are you pretty sure about this?

Obviously this would be a deal breaker - that is completely unacceptable if that is the case.
I am absolutely positive about it. I actually signed the appointment paperwork and faxed it with the application to "hold my spot" since it was "limited" to the number of agents they were recruiting... no, I am NOT that gulible, I did not send them any money... but I was very interested in the system at the time. I called Liberty Life myself and confirmed the chargeback %.

They (Liberty Life) seemed to be the best suitable company of the 3 Surequote offered since the complete process could be done online and was said to have very fast approvals... It seems reasonable to me to assume the chargeback ratio will be higher than normal since these are life sales and you never get to meet the client. I figured you would need to write alot of business to compensate for the fees and rate of chargebacks. If the data was not enough to support this, then it can not work.

Also, if I remember correctly, Liberty was paying a poor 80-85% commish.

Hope this helps.

In addition TX, I think they paid once a month... but check this out to make sure I am correct.
Thanks for the feedback I don't see it in any contracting paperwork and have requested confirmation in writing. I could see charging back any advances - but anything else is highly unusual.

I would imagine charge backs would be higher in single call close telephone only high volume.

It appears this company is having problems. employee's working in the office have been fired, lack of follow up, excuses. waiting for a refund for over 2 months of a bank draft that was mistakenly taken out. just keep getting excuses of the owner "wayne" will call you. heard this for over 1 month now. Olnly for a credit of $100. It appears this company is having great financial problems.. good thing I no longer subscribe to their $100/month fee. beware.

Anyone else on this board have problems with this company?
Re: SureQuote issues

Interesting situation occured when last I informed this forum about sure quote, I actually got a phone call from the owner Wayne who stated he would issue me a check for their double charge issue and asked for my home address to mail the check to. I emailed him my address and nothing, now couple of months later, he claims to not remember this conversation and threatens slander and extortion if I post any negative comments. So the hell with the $99 double charge, I am not doing anything wrong if I am stating the truth. It is interesting to threaten slander and extortion for $99 which was double charged in the first place. So if anyone is considering joing this company, beware this issue has been exposed...

So Wayne (owner of go ahead and sue me... :bump: