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Constant Contact is offering the ability to survey clients (and prospective clients) and I am strongly considering signing on.

Have you used surveys in the past to find clients and/or improve your success?

What kind of survey have you used? (Paper hand out or mail out, electronic, telemarketed, web based, etc.).

What questions do you or would you ask?

Would you use a different polling strategy for new prospects vs. existing clients?

How often do you survey existing clients?

What have surveys taught you about improving your services?

Have you found this particular survey helpful?
Based on my experiences, if you offer something semi-significant, like a $10 gas card for a completely filled out survey, then not only do you generate important information, but it is a very good way to get referrals.

Along with the gas card, you send a letter asking them to let people know about your commitment to excellence. People associate the free gift with excellence, and are more willing to refer you.