Sweet Home Alabama


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Hello everyone. I'm a life and health agent that recently moved from Texas to Alabama (has anyone ever noticed how many insurance agents there are in Texas). I've been reading the forums for a long time now, but have recently decided to join. Thanks a bunch for the tremendous tips, info, and advice. Looking forward to receiving much more wisdom from all of you....or should I say "all Ya'll."
Hey...located in Hartselle...up near Huntsville. Looks like we've got both ends of the state covered. What is your specialty??
Welcome. Yes Texas is full of insurance companies and agents. Those cattle drive insurers really created a snowball effect down thar.
Hello Chad and welcome. Hope you are doing better selling insurance than you are at fishing...that thing in your hands looks pretty lame:twitchy:. Hope you weren't relying on that catch for supper that evening:cry:.

Anyway...Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!