Symmetry Financial Vs Mass Mutual for a New Agent

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Joe Jordan and that Nationwide offered to purchase us for $100’s of millions and Forbes ranked us in 2011 the fastest growing financial marketing firm in the country. Our President is Thomas Ellsworth- look him up.... but you seem to be a know-it-all so you knew this already.
I said if you have any questions about being in a builders vs producers model- to reach out! You got very defensive very quickly.

That's because every single MLM promoter tries to use the forum to spam and recruit "their opportunity" and I can spot it a mile away. When you fit a profile, you can uncover patterns quite quickly.

But as I said - I dare you to prove me wrong. So far, you fit the pattern precisely by justifying how your company is so "great" and in denial about your MLM recruiting compensation structure and recruiting focus.

Success has come my way because I act like I know the least because I listen the most! Try it sometime.

Try it here on the forum too. Do you often have a hard time taking your own advice?
Actually I never denied we recruit. I never denied our model. My initial post compared the 2. You sound like a “profiler” and it’s comical. Our company is great. I would hope u feel the same way about who u represent. I don’t knock other models of business in our industry because there is something for everyone. I’m a teacher at heart. Have a masters in education and taught math at the high school and college level. So again, I don’t really care your beliefs of something you “think you know” vs having first hand knowledge. Only person ridiculing and condemning any company is you. I love the industry- would go toe to toe with any agent on product knowledge and proud to give average people a chance to become a pro insurance agent. I was making $50k a year as a teacher. It took me 3 years to truly become great at insurance and securities. Now, I teach and train and build. I write a ton of business with my own pen. And teach my guys to do the same. So again, move on. You seem to need to be validated. And want to be right. So “I validate you” and “you are right”... now we can move on.
I noticed you didn’t refer to my Nationwide offer or Thomas Ellsworth our President. Probably something you didn’t know...
Or Decathlon Capital. Or Gabriel Brenner... shall I keep going. Or that we are only platform you can get John Hancock products through.... pretty well known name in the industry... or the offers from Foresters and AIG to acquire us... do your homework buddy- u skipped a few classes.
Regarding John Hancock - no, you're not. More MLM drivel. I heard from a primerica rep once "These companies work for us". Ugh!

Here's a carrier list for one prominent IMO (that's insurance marketing organization for those of you in Rio Linda). John Hancock is listed as a carrier for Life & LTC. Oh, and look at that - Foresters and AIG distribute their products through them too. **GASP!**

And yet... these companies DIDN'T "acquire" you. Offers don't mean junk - just like quotes for life insurance don't mean anything until an offer is made.

But you keep drinking that kool-aid.
Again, you didn’t comprehend what you read. I never said AIG or Foresters are exclusive. And we are growing our field force and book of business so we rejected the offers. Truth is I have you a ton of credible, easy to find, resources with companies backing us worth Billions. We are an FMO and we are a great company! So unless you are worth billions and can cut a check, then your opinion is just a near sighted, skewed, “hater” minded perspective. Have you ever met with our CEO or one of us field leaders... probably not. We are pros and would eat you alive. It’s easier for you to hide in a forum and give “hearsay” accounts. I’m in Miami and would love to sit down and teach you a thing or two. And I might learn a thing or two as well. I won’t try and recruit you- as I don’t work with cynics and know it alls. But I will let u buy me lunch. And coffee.
So unless you are worth billions and can cut a check, then your opinion is just a near sighted, skewed, “hater” minded perspective.

Guilty! I am NOT worth "billions". And yes, I'm a "hater" against the MLM model. Why? Because you ALL drink the "My **** don't stink" kool-aid. It's a cult mentality.

I'd rather retain my objectivity and independent judgment.
And with that, my first of 8 appts today is walking in, so no more time to play. Time to protect families and give someone an opportunity. I know “more MLM” talk... can’t make this up... still waiting on why you classify us as an MLM? You gotta have more than we recruit... look forward to your one sided reply/ perspective... word of the wise- stay objective and don’t knock what you don’t understand. Our industry has something for everyone. I know tons of ppl who sell online... tons who don’t sell at all and make millions. Several who only sell and make millions. Successful ppl at Primerica, NY Life, Bankers life, Symmetry, and so On and so on. GMO’s/IMO’s/ broker dealers/ Mutual companies/ fee based advisors/ you get the point? One thing in common is they all recruit.... and the ones who do well are positive, uplifting, daily learners.... I love all business models- you could learn a lot from being a little more well rounded from a non biased perspective- it does wonders for sales.. and for building true insurance pros who train and build the next generation of insurance brokers... less than 250k agents in the country- someone’s gotta step up and train the next Wave....
I would say after 12 years in the industry- our jug is out of kool aid... water is better for us anyways. And kool aid can’t pay our mortgage or fees our 3 kids. And kool aid can’t replace a multiple 6 figure income my husband and I walked away from as a professor and oil field supervisor.. so again you have proven you truly are “salty”. That’s urban talk for “a person who is not truly informed and has zero objectivity in his opinion.” I can go anywhere with my experience and credentials- I chose here. Doesn’t make me “right” and you wrong... but you, my friend, are wrong for thinking your way is “right”... do your research. Next time you won’t ASSUME because my daddy taught me what that word means when u do it... and you emulate every bit of it. Blessings and go save the world!! Middle America is counting on us to educate them to make wiser choices...
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