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Columbus (AP) The Ohio State legislature today passed a bill that will give free health insurance to all Ohio residents in 2008. Funding will come from a special 2.5% tax imposed on families with income above $250,000.

"We're excited about this," said Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. "It took some give and take but we hope to set the standard for the rest of the nation."

Each policy includes four office visits per year ($40 copay) with prescription coverage. The family deductible for major expenses is $500. However, each person over the age of 18 will be forced to take two physicals per year with mandatory drug testing. In addition, any person who fails a drug test two times will spend 30 days in a "detention center." Strickland was mum when asked about details.

Health insurance agents were obviously not pleased. Jim Albers, owner of one of Ohio's largest health insurance agencies said, "frankly, this will kill us. It might be a good idea for some people, but not us. I guess I'll just become a telemarketer and make $20 per hour."

Further details will be announced on August 27th, during a live press conference at the Veteran's Center adjacent to the Governor's home
Gee Ed, the trick is to keep your income below $250k. That way you won't be affected by this new tax.

See how simple this is?
While this is fiction at the moment, I wouldn't be too surprised to see the idiots in one state or another (California) put something similiar into effect.

Today health insurance. Tomorrow free housing, food, zero cost life insurance!
I do think that within the next 10 years we will have mandatory national healthcare - not gov't run universal healthcare and there's a big difference. I see a small biz tax and slightly increased income tax to fund it. Then like Mass. there would be income levels where you'd qualify for free coverage or a percentage of financial help. I think it's going the way we have now for auto insurance. While private companies would still be in business we'd probably see commissions are the 5% range. Game, set and match.
Ed, you are welcome.

I know it will be a struggle to live on less than $250k but I believe you can do it. Just move to smaller digs and that will be a start. The rent on this place has got to be substantial.

Not to mention the cost of your harem . . .
That would not surprise me at all coming out of Ohio , one of the most over taxed not business friendly states in the USA. I left their 6 years ago and will never return to that ghost town of a state.