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The old board (insurance-forums.com)


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I went to the old board and started to read some of the posts under agent forum.

What on earth is going on in there??? I try and keep my posts short, and clean. Apparently, the professionals are no longer there and it is amateur hour.

I am biting my tongue on saying anything as I am already in a debate or dialog with "Quickser". I might be beating a dead horse, but it is better then reruns.

Is anyone still using the old board? Or should I delete it from my bookmarks?
Outsiders still wander in via Google or other SE's. As for folks like Quickster, Blackie, et al who are more interested in stirring things up rather than learning or contributing, my advice is to ignore them and hope they go away.

If they have no one to debate the thread ends.
insurance-forms.com really needs to be routed automatically to insurance-forms.net. It's like trying to attend two parties at the same time.
The problem is that the old forum is owned by www.insurancenetcenter.com and they are basically defunct. For a while, they were really riding high on the internet bubble, but I think that they got lost in the Google sandbox and went on to other things.

When I mentioned buying the domain to one of the current owners, he went on about how they recently sold some other site for $100,000. If he would have asked for $1,000, it may have been worthwhile if I put some ads up, because of the search engine traffic, but they didn't really seem interested in selling it.

Therefore, There is really nothing we can do. Basically, all of the intelligent and thoughful posters from the other board have come over to this one. However, it will take a while before we get any real traffic from the search engines. (We rank nicely on msn for insurance forum, but noone uses msn!)

As long as the other board exists, it may have some new visitors periodically drop in from the se's.
It was my impression that both this board and the old board were intended, basically, to be places where insurance professionals could have a forum to both express opinions and have a discourse to exchange experience and ideas on various types of insurance. The old board "Health Insurance" section in particular appears to been hijacked by Quickster and rausman. Although they may have good intentions, I believe their posts belong on a blog or on Ripoff Report instead of cluttering up the forum with their politics. To lesser extent, Blackie has been doing the same thing on this board. It is no wonder that I have seen much fewer posting by the likes of Johnpet and Sti on either forum. Quickster, rausman, and Blackie certainly have their right to free speech, but should find a more appropriate place to exercise it. :cry:
Personally, I think that their arguments on both boards have been answered very well. Midwest and InsureBob really answered any questions that may have been had. However, I don't see how it hurts the board to have them keep yammering in those two topics. I don't see them hijacking other threads to push their agenda.

I think that the reason why their are less thoughtful postings is because their is less stimulation, because there is a limited amount of new posters initially.

The old board gets some traffic from the search engines which bring up new questions and discussion. However, until we get ranked, and get new traffic, we need to stimulate our own discussion. Whenever someone new posts at the old board, you can direct them to repost here, and we can discuss it, and I am sure that you will see additional thoughtful discussions. However, it won't happen in a passive enviroment.

Think of a few topics that are actually interesting to other agents, and post your thoughts. I am sure that they will stimulate a discussion and we can all learn from each other.
I don't think that they hurt the boards, but as you have stated, their questions and comments have been very well addressed and answered by InsureBob and Midwestbroker. The annoying thing is that their constant yammering and repetition of the same stuff over and over is just boring, futile, and tiresome. I just wish they would go away.
Their (Quickie & Rausman) threads have become so boring & repetitive as to be useless. As long as MW & IB continue to respond the thread will continue to grow. Once someone stops responding the thread will die a natural death . . . which is should have a long time ago.
I have been just posting along with Blackie and rausman. Not that I want the posts to go round and round, I just like the debate. I could go on and on for hours about insurance, and my wife cuts me off at the 3 min mark.

But I can see where my replying to them will egg them on and on. And if that bothers the majority here I do not mind answering and leaving it alone. I figure the old board can be the debate board and this one for more serious conversations.

I feel like we are in that beer commercial with the circle of men making man rules.