This business is driving me insane!


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I'm not sure how much more I can take. Decline,decline, decline and more declines. It seems like every single app I write, comes back with either a decline or some type of waiver or rate up. Its hard to find people with out some type of issue. Especially HBP. Does every one have HBP in this country? I cant get any thing to stick. I thought life insurance was bad but at least I was making some money selling life insurance.

Even my group plans I have tried to write are not sticking. I had my first group plan a couple of months ago and spent mega amounts of time with these people and then after doing all the paper work and then the final proposal came out and some of the employees decided they couldn't afford their portion (50%) of the insurance, so the participation dropped to where no one was eligible. And that was after I tried to write every one on Ind plans first and several came back declined or rated up so high they couldnt afford either!
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I feel your pain. Similar situation. Get used to it. Most of America is obese with medically controlled health conditions. Those who are healthy right this minute will wait until they're not, to decide the time is right to buy.

Ya just gotta keep going, keep working. This business is a ying and yang one. Try not to get too high when it's good and not too low when it's bad. There isn't a person in this business that hasn't had a crap week, month or year. The goal is not to continue to have them back to back to back.
A few years ago I had a new agent come in my office and say "No one qualifies for health insurance. You have to be a professional athlete to get coverage with these guys" Then I pointed out that alot of athletes would not be accepted due to drug use and rehabilitation. He quit shortly after. Maybe it was something I said......