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This "Im on my spouses plan" thing is getting real annoying


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You would think that every single employer in the country covers the employee, spouse and children and it cost the employee nothing. I consistently get that from people. Even if I tell them that its rare these days for employers to cover the whole family they still say that theirs does. Are people just stupid and think they are getting it for free when their really not?
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Oh yea and its either "nothing because my spouses company pays for it" or "I dont know if they do or not".

I'd say about 10% of my current clients have a spouse on a group plan and an individual/family plan with me. I get the "I don't know if they do or not" 90% of the time in which I say, "did you know that spouses who are are on group plans typically pay as much as 50% more vs. similar plans that are available on the market?" This opens the door to building value and ME, while also ascertaining the potential for a sale.

Simply schedule a time to discuss the group rates that they find out about from their respective HR rep and see if there is anything there worth salvaging.
I agree with Somarco.....When a business owner starts telling me about his wife's group plan I move on to the next prospect
I'm on my wife's group plan. Her job pays most of it. I'd be rated if I went out on my own, so, don't call me, I'll call you :)

Golddoor - I just posted a thread about a "Weird Group Clause". Seems that many if not most, group policies have a clause that will not cover on the job injuries. I don't know about TX law but CO does not require a business owner to carry Workman's Comp. (if they have employees, they must carry WC on the employees). So, if the owner gets hurt while working, and doesn't have WC, the group plan will not cover them and they are SOL.

Seems like a good rebuttal for you to use. On the other hand, it may be more beneficial for you to just move on to the next prospect. Saying "I'm covered on my spouse's plan" is just like us saying "I'm just looking" when we are approached by a sales person. It's an easy out.
I'm in a somewhat rural area. (50,000 population in the county) I make it my business to know the insurance programs of the major employers. I know if they pay 0 for dependent, or 50% for dependents.