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I prefer to view the forum in threaded mode but lately have not been able to do so, particularly on threads where the comments drill down deep. (More views below this post). Seems the only way I can view is in the linear mode.

This is true regardless of the computer I use, or if I am using Firefox or IE.

Has something changed with the switch over to the new server?
Quick reply works some of the time, sometimes not. When it doesn't I have to hit escape or sometimes shut down the browser, re-enter the forum, and post a reply using the advanced method.
If quick reply does not work, copy and paste your response and hit the "post reply" button. It might save you a little time.

I'm Chumps From Oxford and I endorsed this post.

And I approve it. ;)

Since quick reply is a powered by javascript ( a client side technology), it depends on your PC configuration on why it hangs sometimes.
This is not a forum issue.

The last post and the threaded view are working just fine over here. Can you please re-check.