Tim McCoy and Associates DBA NEAT?

Probably have it on several computers or maybe a back up of their CRM.

Probably so. I don't know why they still have my info. I haven't worked with them in years.

Mark sold my info once before to some website designers. I think I only wrote 2 applications under them. For that I got my info sold once and now stolen.
I got that letter today. I sold some Chesapeake Life with them back around 2007-2008. It sounds like the same letter offering a year of the Experian credit monitoring, but I haven't had any suspicious activity on any accounts. Hope you get that squared away.
I received the same the same letter. Never heard of these guys. I did find info under datbreaches.net. Apparently the computer was unencrypted.
I just received the letter yesterday about a possible breach of my personal information. Does anyone know if this is legitimate or a possible scam? They are offering the free ProtectMyID service for one year. How do I know that I trust that this information is actually being submitted to an ID protection company or a company just trying to obtain my identification information? Can someone help me with this by responding right away?