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Hello all,

*Disclaimer: this is a long post and there are cliff's notes at the bottom*

I'm a fresh college grad who's done a ton of interviewing in the Chicago are since I've been out. My first job offer was from Banker's Life and Casualty at the beginning of August. I searched their name on this site and found less than pleasing but valuable opinions of them. The branch manager sent me an offer letter outlining a path of Agent to Field Training Manager within the next four months. I accepted the offer after a few days deliberation, attracted by the proposed notion of $55K+ my first year and $100K+ by my third year. I have since taken all prelicensing classes and tests and sent my application to the commissioner's office.

However, I was recently offered a job with a medical supply company as a Buyer/Planner with a salary of $39K with available bonuses and much room for promotion which I turned down. They contacted me again today offering to increase the salary and haven't yet gotten back to me with a new figure. I liked the company when I interviewed with them and I think the job itself is better suited to my personality but the lure of the almighty dollar keeps me leaning toward insurance sales. However, I can't afford to chase policies with nosuccess while Citibank is knocking at my door.

So my issue is this: I've already accepted the position with BLC but I'm a bit frustrated because no one has been able to give me a definitive answer on when training will start and when I can get into the field and start earning commissions. Like most college grads, I have some loans to pay back so the need for a predictable stream of income is fairly high. Given the reviews of the "revolving door" at Bankers and their poor rating with Weiss, I'm considering accepting the salaried position instead. That would mean that I've essentially wasted some hours and $416 on licensing which I imagine I wouldn't be at all reimbursed for. My other issue is that BLC may actually reject me due to unfortunate flaws in my background check (wild college days can really screw you up in the long haul). I was told by the branch manager that I would be fine, but I called today and it sounds like there's uncertainty in the air concerning my case.

All in all, my decision to go with Bankers Life is looking shadier as time passes (and my pockets remain empty) while there is a reputable company actively recruiting me with the offer of benefits and advancement. I feel I can excel at either company. I've worked since I was 15 and I've done well at every job I had. I'm confident in my abilities but the potential earnings seem to be turning into a financial mirage. Any advice from those wiser and more experienced than myself?

****Cliff Notes***
I just graduated college. I have loans to pay off. Bankers made me an offer a month ago and indicated that its very possible for me to earn $55K this year and over $100K very soon. I've read on this site that BLC is a revolving door and there's a good probability that I'll find myself chasing junk leads etc. I haven't started work or even training yet, but I've taken the $400 worth of classes and tests and passed.​

I got a job offer recently for $39K salary with benefits, bonuses, and advancement which I rejected initially. After reading BLC reviews and thinking more about it I'm considering taking their next offer (which they said they will be making soon).​

Thanks for your advice and info.
Take the med Job. You said that you felt as if your personality would be better suited for it - go with your gut.

However, If the med company has little opportunity for upward mobility and yet a good entry level salary then perhaps you could read up on Permanent Life Insurance and try to market it part time while working for the med company (3-4 nights a week). Sell strictly as a life Insurance guy and nothing beyond that. In three to four years when you've built up some client base take a look at the med company and the options available to you. Compare it with what insurance is paying you, if you then want to make a go at, you'll have a much higher likelihood to succeed.

Another option, in a couple years, would be to leverage the position into medical supply sales.

Best of luck,

Take the med job.

It is better to go into something commission-based or entrepreneurial after you have established yourself in your profession. You can find a way to do it on a part-time basis so that it is less risky.

But... If you have an entrepreneurial or salesperson's spirit, make use if it before you are too much older and have too many obligations.

Good Luck
I would take the Medical Supply job, maintain a list of the Doctor's offices they supply. Segue that into a job of offering, Life, Disability, and Malpractice insurance to the Doctors, down the road as you gain some sort of communication with them.