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I have the opportunity of being the only health insurance agent to participate in a trade show next week. There will be about 100,000 attendees! I have a booth, an insurance company backdrop, and brochures. I'm designing a flyer to hand to people as they come by. The best part is I have no cost for this.

Do I want to gather names by having a raffle? If so, should I include a box where they can check if they want to receive a free health insurance quote?

This looks to be a phenomenal opportunity and I don't want to screw it up!

I used to love trade shows. Lots of work. Maybe seek some help? We used to have at least two in the booth at a time handing out 3 or 4 clipboards each. Let everybody enter and throw away the not interested after the drawing ( not before ;) ) You should come away with several hundred warm leads.

The trick is to avoid talking to one person for too long. As your talking to that $50 commission... a couple thousand dollars walk by. We used to allow earmarking a few leads, but the bulk of them we put in a pot at the end and dealt em out face down like cards. It worked very well for awhile.

The problem for me was finding guys who would work hard, cover their part of the costs and not mark every person they handed a clipboard too as "theirs"..... the right group of people.. trade shows rock. The wrong group, too much infighting.

Good luck if you're doing it by yourself. I wouldn't. I'd have to drink about 4 gin martinis at the end of the day just to feel my feet.
First of all congrats on getting into a trade show. Depending on the type of show I have found them for the most part to be very succesful.

What type of trade show is it? As far as a raffle I think it's a great idea. However, have you looked into what the laws are in your state concerning raffles (or giving stuff away) and being a health insurance agent? I know a lot of states have a wide variety of laws concerning this. Maybe instead of a raffle rent a popcorn machine and give away popcorn?

100,000 people? The issue I have with that many people at a show is that at peak times is that everyone tends to turn into one big cattle herd and all you get is people walking down the isle in mass without stopping. If this happens you have to be aggressive and start asking people about their health insurance needs while they walk by. And don't just sit there waiting for people to come to you. Just because you have a booth does not mean they will come running to you. You have to be standing next to that isle talking to everyone as they go by.

I like setting up a table with a few chairs so I can have people sit down and I can go over their needs as though I were doing a presentation. This is great because it can really get the crowd interested in what you are doing. and I have had people line up to ask questions. Also try not to give out your card any more than you have to. Instead get their info. Have a bunch of 3x5 cards and ask them to jot down their contact info. If you let them get in touch with you then it's a waste of time.

Now for the best part of all. On the day that everyone is setting up spend you time talking to all of those other vendors. More than likely they will all be self employed! Normally Fridays at a trade show are whats called "Senior give away day" It's the day all the seniors come in and get free stuff they will never use. I find that the morning on Fridays is a great time to go running around and hooking up with all the people you missed during setup. As a matter of fact half of my business from trade shows are the vendors. Think of it as a huge B2B that last 3 days long.

I hope this helps!
Rent a popcorn machine. The trade shows I have attended have the biggest crowd around the booth with the machine. The smell draws them in.

I agree with others. You really do need at least one, and possibly 2 or 3 other guys with you (or gals).

Have a drawing for books or DVD that have a general interest for the audience. Maybe have 5 - 10 "gifts" that will be mailed the day after the show. As long as you spend no more than $20 on the gift you shouldn't run into any problems.

Have plenty of business cards, and take your laptop. You might even have one of your pawns running quotes on the laptop while you are glad handing.

What kind of trade show is this any way?
The show is an annual agricultural trade show. Draws from a wide area.

I already have contacted another agent that I trust to help although the flyer only has my name on it. However, since he also does P&C I can refer all my health leads to him when I'm done.

The idea of 5-10 DVD's is a great idea. That way it will look like more people have a chance to win and the cost will still be very reasonable.

I'll include some underwriting information on the sign up as "optional." If someone is interested in a quote, they can fill it in. Otherwise, I don't think it worth the time to simply call a person because they want a cheap DVD. Those leads I will split with the other agent.

As far as not giving out a business card, my information is on the flyer. Nobody saves a business card anyway. Gathering their info is more important.

I appreciate the responses thus far and will use all the advice. I never have done any kind of a show in the past and certainly not one of this magnatude. If I don't screw this up, perhaps it can become an annual event for me.

Hey Rick,

Sounds like a great opportunity to market the new Health Net Farm Bureau plans. Most likely a large number will already be Farm Bureau members.

I agree 110% about renting the popcorn machine. You will have the biggest crowd at your booth with that.

I'd also seriously consider bringing in a laptop or two and see if they have wifi there. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities to take some applications right there on the spot.

So, if I were doing it I would highlight farm bureau (and alternatives), serve them some free popcorn and be prepared to write up some business on my computer right there.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

The trade show is the world ag expo and is a big deal in this area. I like the popcorn idea and in my experience with trade shows you need a "hook" to grab people's attention and giving away something free is always a good attention grabber (maybe a free dinner at a local fine restaurant?) I can help in this department because I know a few pretty well in this area.

The idea in my opinion is to push the "farm bureau" because of the health insurance portion of it but also for the p&c side there are discounts with major carriers such as Nationwide & Allied.

Because the days can be long and tiring you try to keep things interesting by having the right mindset...go out and try to have fun, meet new people, and obviously write business.

So, if I were doing it I would highlight farm bureau (and alternatives), serve them some free popcorn and be prepared to write up some business on my computer right there.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!


That would be nice, but I think most people are not willing to sit down and "do an app" when they're there for something completely different. In my experience if you can get someone to fill out their name, address, & phone number for a quote or chance at a free dinner or whatever, you're doing pretty good.