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Does anybody use traditional marketing such as newspaper ads, radio spots, TV commercials? If you do what kind of response do you get and from what venue?
I don't use any of these. In my market, they are very, very, very, very expensive and produce almost no results.

The answer to this is very geographically sensitive, I would imagine. I would also assume there is better bang for the buck in almost any other form of advertising.

Carriers do all of these, they need to develop a brand, something that you don't need to worry about on the same scale.

I think most agents will agree you need an active marketing campaign, not a passive one. Running a tv commercial means the person has to stop during the show they are watching, say 'DOH!', I need insurance, pick up the phone and call, on the spot. If they get to the next commercial, you'll be a long forgotten event. Now, most people will see it, even if they think, 'Hey, I should check that out, I'll do it right after the show', they'll forget by the end. Passive marketing is great for branding, lousy for selling.

Newspaper ads might be a bit better, since people can tear them out, but I've not had success with them.

YMMV. In large cities, I don't think this works.

I get good response when I mail to my self-generated lists. I mail to everyone who has visited my website and left a valid address. I use postcards that I get from

For direct mail, the list is the main thing. I very often get responses from people who requested info over a year ago.

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