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Training for Independent Agent

You can learn certain parts of life insurance business full time in few years. Asset Management business part time is not advisable. You really need sales skills and savings to jump into Asset Management and go through the 3 to 5 years of lean years. But once you have 10k a month coming in just for having a business card, its a very lucrative business
You want to work for your customer, not a carrier.
unless a licensed broker, even an independent agent works for/represents the carrier, not the consumer. Agent would be sitting on carrier side in court also & agent has a contract with the carrier, not a contract with the consumer.

I think the more accurate way to describe this, especially to consumers, is that you represent/contracted with several/many carriers.

I think telling consumers you work for the consumer can get you in hot water when push comes to shove
Everything I've seen regarding being a licensed broker working on behalf of the client applies to the P&C world, not the life & health side.

Even then, while @Allen Trent is accurate, I'd say that I work for the client right up until I'm completing an application. Then I'm looking out for and representing the insurer as a licensed agent and collecting as much accurate information as possible so they can make an informed underwriting decision.
Captive training will give you a good background on products.
Mutuals will focus on Life and some DI.
I would look into your broker dealer for asset training.
If as an independent you are putting a decent amount of business ask if you can sit in on a training session.
When I was a wholesaler, I would bring some brokers to an agency when I did training.....with the G.A's permission.