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Yea, it's a giant shot in the dark, but I'm trying to help this guy. Late 40s, probably 300 pounds, all the stuff mentioned in the title of this thread. What complicates this whole thing (if it wasn't already complicated enough) is that he owns a small pharmacy and won't buy a plan that uses Medco. And it seems just about every carrier has some arrangement with Medco. He refuses to because he contends that they are putting the small independent pharmacies out of business...a claim that I didn't dispute, he would know more about owning a pharmacy than I would!

So major medical it out, obviously, so I'm looking for a guaranteed issue plan with someone that doesn't use Medco. I've looked at AIM and Assurant's limited plan. AIM used Medco and Assurant knocks him out because of the diabetes.

Anyone know of a plan that would suit this case? Please post...

heh...actually, I only looked at AIM because he's not going to qualify for MM coverage. Yes, he's in Texas, but won't go to the Pool because of BCBC's affiliation with Medco. So a limited plan was all I was thinking that would work.

I've never really dabbled in discount cards outside of the ones that are packaged with health plans, what would be a good suggestion for him from that angle?
Yea, it looks that way. The reason he won't dive into the Pool is b/c of the Medco thing, not because (necessarily) it's BCBS.

But yea, just walk away...I think I've done my best here. Time to move on.

Thanks for the input (yet again!). :)
Too late, I gave him your number this morning. Surprised he hasn't called you yet, should be tomorrow.

Thanks for helping...but we'll need to split the commission, ya know.


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