Ultra high deductible major med plans?


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Are there any major carriers that have ultra-high deductible major med plans. What is the highest deductible plan available that is also a true major med plan and not just a limited benefit or specific critical illness plan.

I understand that state availability varies, but in general.

Thanks for any input.

Guarantee Trust has a high deduct major med 25000-50000 deduct in $5000 increments $1000000 lifetime max. 100% in network. I have not checked into it but on the surface may be a good plan for someone who can cover the "small stuff" under 50k or someone who for whatever reason doesn't like the HSA's.
World has a $25,000 SIR with 100% coverage above the attachment.

The GTL product is simplified issue. Decent policy if someone has a few health issues, or if they want something higher than $25k.

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