Unicare in Texas


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I am not yet appointed with Unicare... sent in paperwork not too long ago. I have a case I am working and I wonder if someone would run some Unicare numbers for me.

Male/23, Female/23, Child 4-NS-All healthy...
$1000 deductible, 50% Co-insurance, OOP Max around $4000 (or comparable figures)

They are currently on the Core Med Assurant plan.

I take it is just 1 kid and not 4....but here you go......the fit 1000 is a total $4000 oop.......most of my clients go the 2000 fit...more cost effective.....

HSA Compatible Variable Deductible Plan$345.00
HSA Compatible Plan 2
HSA Compatible Plan 3
HSA Compatible Variable Contribution Plan
UniCare FIT 500
UniCare FIT 1000
UniCare FIT 1500
UniCare FIT 200 $283.00
UniCare FIT 3000
UniCare FIT 5000

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