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Unicare Sound

I have a someone I'm working with and she asked me about these plans. Looking at the website about them, it looks a little, I don't know...off...or something.

Scott, what is it that makes you stay away from these plans? Or anyone else for that matter...

Old thread, but any new opinions? Thanks... :)
the really high deductible on the drug card and with all the up front lab and xray with a copay tends to lead to high renewals in the past on plans like these.....BTW greg were you at the UC meeting thur.....
If you find another plan that has:

-ER co pay
-All inclusive co pay
-100% co insurance
-Medical, Dental, Vision
-Dental w/ no waiting period

Child rates in the $60 to $90/mo range

If not then yes SOUND is a great plan.
There is a pretty snazzy 30 day lock on premiums...that doesn't give me the 'warm fuzzies.'

Something about Sound just doesn't sit right with me...can't figure out what, though.

Scott, that wasn't me in the Thursday meeting. Probably will run into you one of these days, but it wasn't then/there.
You're right, I misread it. It says there is right to raise premiums after 30 days notice...my mistake.

I keep looking for the catch...where is the catch??
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