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In my area, (s.fla) United American is doing some heavy marketing.

As a Nubee....I don't know much about them.

Quite often they are sold as a stand alone policy (i'm not sure what kind of coverage they offer in this respect)

Is anyone offering their products?

What are the Strengths and weaknesses of United American? (i know that they have some strengths...but not sure what they are).
Strengths - "liberal" underwriting. They will take risks major medical carriers will not.

Weaknesses - Too many to mention. Biggest thing is, this is NOT major medical. The ONLY time it should be the only policy you own is when you cannot qualify for a true major medical (including risk pool, conversion, etc,). Limited benefit plan with caps on everything. No Rx cover other than discount.
and when your really fried medically you still can't afford their best/worst plan...............
Tony C.... that's great news! That's just more policies you can replace down there. They sell a very limited plan, most of their agents are newbies that don't even know what they're selling. And the last post is right on the money, it's not a major medical plan.
Wow....thanks Guys!

So this is NOT a Major Medical Policy....!!!

So what is it categorized as?

It's a very limited benefit policy. Go to ripoffreport.com and read clients who bought it, thinking they had major med, then claimed, then were mistaken.

I worked for them for a short time. My mgr thought it was a major med. She had no idea what "hospital indemnity" meant. Once, a client started telling her we were selling hospital indemnity policies, which we were, and she thought he meant nursing home policies, or long term care, and started arguing with him, that we were not there selling nursing home policies. { what?}

The doctors visit payment was limited to like $25. So, of course, my manager would tell the prospect that doctors office visits were covered. Just did not say how much. What a joke.

Then, they had a "discount card" that they sold, and told people it was the actual insurance card that made it comprehensive coverage. These lies and ommissions were very hard to listen to as an agent, knowing they were just simply wrong.
Policies like these are akin to picking up a hooker in the bar at closing time because your hand has a headache.

Better than nothing but you get what you pay for.
United American will sell their policy at a low rate when there is no medical condition. The benefits are horrible. I was at a training class for a major medical company and person sitting next to me was switching over to sell major medical product. He did the right thing by buying what he was selling and he felt the pain of United American. His young son has accidently fell the a sliding glass door. After 2 surgeries and multiple MD visits, his bill was over $60,000. With the best that UA offered, his out of pocket was $20,000. He would of saved thousands with a major med. policy for a few dollars more per month. It's a supplemental policy trying to be a real policy. With that said, I have placed some diabetics on this because it was their only choice.