United ICA a good way for newbie to start?

What states do you work? I have 13 agents under me and we all sit at diff. doctor offices and write business for whatever company we want, point being, stay indi so you are not a one trick pony and market yourself and get going making relationships

I’m also curious how your writing business sitting in a doctors office…
build relationships with your local physician groups and you too can do this. Are you in sw Florida? I can help you if you are.
How do you sit at drs offices and write business ? Are you approaching these patients ? Hard for me to believe yiu just sit there and an a patient walks up to you . Are you writing them right there ? Will you keep your agents in 2025 when overrides go away ?
I have built a relationship with the physicians "group", therefore, we have lots off offices we can sit at, and yes, the customers come up to me, simply ask them if they need help with their insurance and boom, appts or applications taken. It's very easy really, you never approach them, I always just sit and say goodmorning etc and the business comes to me. I was outside an office yesterday in the lovely sunshine and wrote 7 peeps that came up to me.
and yes, to answer your question as to will i keep agents with no overrides, yes I will, I love my agents. Overrides are for people who can't make their own living. I never live on overrides, actually, I take those overrides and we all go out to eat, top golf etc. This is why I stand out as a great agency owner, I train, run appts with you if needed, help you close etc.
I’m also curious how your writing business sitting in a doctors office…

This is very common in my market, so common that other agents started raising a stink that the clinic agents were often flipping their business. When those clinics started losing potentially new patients, some of them created ways for agents to protect the agents’ BOB by inputting that information into the clinics’ website. The biggest one still doesn’t do it.

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