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United Independent Wholesale Insurance Network (UandIWin)



Hi! As you can see, I am new to this board. Were it not for UandIWin passing muster with John on the old board, I would not have the confidence to post here in the agent's forum.

What I am interested in is comments from any of the well-experienced agents here regarding this company. I am newly involved, but very experienced in the marketing and agency distribution model the company has set up. However, I am not as experienced in the Insurance business proper, having recently come from a professional musician and computer professional background, and obtained my insurance licenses to effect a change of career.

I see this business model as way to help those like myself: average agents who aspire to build an organization and maximize their effectiveness thru a TEAM effort. Rather than being a "lone" agent doing superhuman sales efforts, this model teaches a two-pronged approach: Produce whatever amount of sales you aspire to (no quotas or requirements), and help others do the same. You get paid for both.

Don't get me wrong, I am very motivated by the "superhuman" Insurance Agents on this board, and am motivated to develop myself in that direction also. I have seen threads from new agents wanting to know how to get started Independently, and where to go for support and training. I have been in that same situation.

That is why I am asking for comments. I know there are VERY experienced agents on this board, I have learned alot from you all. And I am prodding you, so that other new agents who find there way here, will have a some good information and advice regarding the UandIWin business model, so that they can make a good decision about whether to pursue further information.

It is not for everyone. It may not be a good fit for a "lone" type agent who already has high contracts and does not want to build an organization. I envy and respect that type of very strong agent.

However, I see this busness model as ideal for those agents wanting to get started as independents, and also for those already independent who are frustrated with their progress in one way or another. In my case, and in the case of many I have seen post here, what appeals the most is the support and training, both (and most importantly to me) regarding the understanding and sale of insurance products, and also the unique organizational business model.

Here's what I have found so far. Everyone involved with UandIWin (both agents and 500 corp. employees) know about the insurance business. That knowledge is everywhere (from the employees, agents, carriers) and easily accessible. So the training and support is a no-brainer for the "average" agent looking to improve themselves and their knowledge of insurance sales.

But what I have found that DOESN'T come as easy for most folks, is an understanding of the agency organizational compensation model, and how that business model is effectively implemented for maximum success. May I say, THAT is a no-brainer for me, and it can be for you, too.

In my background as a professional musician, I was also exposed to all of the MLM-type things out there, where there is usually one or more high-priced proprietary items, and perhaps even a borderline illegal side business of books, tapes, and seminars from which MOST of the money is made in these outfits. I have studied all of that extensively in my spare time over the years, and experienced it all first hand via family, friends, and fellow musicians who were involved in one or another of these outfits. So I am very familiar and experienced with various organizational business models, whether good or bad.

The traditional inurance agency organizational model has been around for many, many years. Apparently many agents are frustrated with this business model for various reasons. I don't pretend to know as much about this agency system, but based on my experience as referenced above, this comany, UandIWin, has put much thought into a new agency business model.

As John pointed out in another thread on the old board, it really is nothing that is not already being done, it is just on a much larger (national) scale. I can also put in my two cents worth, in that I believe the support and training are of utmost importance, especially to new or "average" agents, and those who have posted here. I know it certainly is important to me.

So, that being said, and given that this post has not been deleted as "spam" (I hope not, since John sees the merit of the business), if you are interested in further details, or would like to discuss anything "offline" in more detail, please don't hesitate to send me an email, IM or give me a call.

The Insurance business and sales/support is there, provided by the company, employess, carriers, and agents, I have already experienced this firsthand, and my knowledge took a quantum leap. But, what I offer is the experience and knowledge of how to build an organization. That is where it's really "at". And the (monetary) motivational aspects of the particular UandIWin business are built and geared with this in mind. And for me, that's a no-brainer. That's where I can offer knowledge that is easy to learn.

I have the ability to make it understandable. It is really quite simple. I heard someone say once, "I am a professional explainer. I make complicated things simple, and easy to understand". Well, that's what I do on the marketing side.

So...the support for both (insurance AND marketing) is there in abundance, and tweaked for the "average" agent who wants to improve (that's me too!). So please, for further information, email, IM, or call me.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the comments here, and to talking with you otherwise. Thanks!

Shepherd Field
well lets start with leads......because that is the first step of a working insurance agent.....what does UandIWin do for their agents on this....
Sounds like another long winded... "work for me, and make me money... spam from another "Team Builder" who cannot sell for themselves. As they say "Those who cannot do for themselves, teach!" I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. Their website sells information to agents in their downline, and has many, many people getting their hands into the agents commissions.

I dont really intend to come off sounding harsh, but I dont think the world needs more inexperienced insurance agents building teams, and mass misrepresenting products to the general public, because everyone else in the downline is inexperienced (NASE).

There are no shortcuts to wealth building, but investig time, and focusing on what you do, day in, day out... If any agent thinks that they can join this group, recruit, build an agency, and laugh all the way to the bank... they will have a debit balance sky high, and will be sorely mistaken... Just my 2 cents worth... Ive been around too long to know otherwise. Ignore me if you disagree...
Although I respect John Petrowski's expertise, I tend to agree with "producer" on UandIwin.com. I did review the DVD they presented and read John's imprimatur of it on the old board, I am highly skeptical of any organization that shows many levels of downlines (viz., AMWAY ballons) and the ability to make huge sums of money. Of course, that is IMHO. :?
Hi Shep,
Why don't you flesh it out a little bit more. I went to the website and right away I was turned off because I don't want to have to give out my personal information before I know more about the org. There is a lot of stuff going on on that website, I don't want to go through it all unless it is worthwhile.

I do not have any pre-existing position on the organization, but you haven't really told us anything about what it does.

Make a pitch for a newbie, inexperienced, but smart and motivated. What does the company bring to the table?
Scratch that, after reading through the brochures, I have to agree that there are too many levels here. If you pay an agent what amounts to 83%, and you offer the upline a possibility to make 40%, and you add in the corporate profits, then there is no money left for real marketing, leads, assistance etc... I am willing to bet that of the organizational employees, more of them focus on training to get new agents then on training the new agents.
A friend in Atlanta showed me the UandIwin opportunity a few months back. I have met with some of the higher ups, including the guy who started the organization.

The concept has potential, but I am not ready to sign on completely at this point. To me, it makes more sense for the marginal producer than it does a rookie or old pro.

You start out at street commissions and build from there based on volume in your downline. Starting out with them and taking Time as a company, you would be paid 20% commission. As your organization (and volume) grows you can earn the equivalent of 25% or so.

Same thing on life. Sign up with F&G and start out in the 80% range. When volume builds you earn the equivalent of 100% or so.

Since I have experience recruiting & training agents, I promised my buddy to give it a closer look after the first of the year. I do not plan on switching any of my contracts since I am at top of scale in all the carriers except one and will be there by the middle of next year.
If you read the opportunity brochure on the website http://www.uandiwin.info you can see based on their commission structure, that to be a successful upline, you need to have successful downlines. In that scenario, there really is no money left for marketing or other support for your agents. When you combine your downlines personal possible commission, and add it to your own possible commission as the upline, you can see that it is over 120%. If the company is taking any money to pay themselves a profit, I don't see any left for support.

To my eyes, anyone who has a decent chance of selling nicely, would be better off without it. Anyone can get a 25% contract with time, just for hitting 100k. I imagine you need to hit that much to get their with these guys as well.

I don't see how this is different from other, past mlm schemes. When you need to pay the writing agent, the upline, the company, plus give support, and there is only enough money for 3 out of 4, which ones take the hit? In the end, you have people who do not know enough about insurance and business to build their own agency, recruiting heavily, because they are compensated nicely for it. I don't see how the result could be any different than having many untrained agents running around with little support, and they get burned out after the see it isn't what they were promised.

I am certainly open to seeing how this is different, but I haven't seen how yet.
There is very little support from the company. They have a lead program but you can probably do better buying them from other sources. Mainly they provide a compensation system that has appeal to the mediocre producer.

I am not totally sold on the company, which is one reason why I have not moved any faster than I have already. I have met some folks who are doing well after 12 - 18 months and a lot of effort.

If I get into this, I dont plan on working that hard. I might spend one day a week on this for 3 - 6 months just to see what happens. Not betting the farm on anything, and I am not switching my contracts.

The 120% figure you came up with does not allow for breakage. It is hard (almost impossible) under any downline comp system to max out the comp at the top level. The folks who will really appreciate this kind of system are those earning $30-$40k a year and would like to pick up an extra $500/month in overrides. You can build a respectable downline of $30k agents and eventually make a few sheckels.
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