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Universal Health Care


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Hi, I apologize if this topic has been addressed in this forum. I am wondering what the implications for health insurance agents would be if a Democrat is elected in 2008 and manages to pass Universal Health Care legislation? Would you still be able to write new business as a health ins agent?

1) It wont happen. (Socialized medicine. Not taking any bets on the White House . . . yet).

2) If it ever happens, we sell supplements (just like the folks here who work with old farts on Medicare).
I do not think that "universal health care" has a snowball in hells chance of getting of the ground.
It used to work in England up to the 80's, but it is currently in deep doo doo because of the immigrants (illegals) using and abusing the system.
They have already done away with the dental part of the NHS, and the wait to see even a doctor can be weeks,Never mind an operation. PLUS the ever popular "Running out of Money" (Remember the cost of medical care is England is far, far lower than it is here.)
1. The Democrats tried it when Clinton took office. It crashed and burned.
2. The Insurance lobby is extremely powerful in Washington.
3. The Drug lobby would have to worry that they would have to lower their prices if the goverment was paying, that would fly like a concrete parachute.
4. Currently the amount of Medical abuse going on is staggering, Doctors, Attorneys and Labs are all participating. Imagine what it would be like if the Feds were paying.
5. Numerous hospitals are having to close because on the overload of non taxpayers using them. (85% of the births in Dallas are to illegals) so the cost to the Feds would be out of sight.
6. If it meant a new deduction from peoples paycheck, just imagine the screaming and shouting from those that are currently uninsured and use the county facilities.
I could go on but this is turning out to be a manuscript.
It won't happen because of the lobby interest against it.

Drug companies won't let it happen
Insurance companies won't let it happen
Doctors and Hospitals won't let it happen.

I have a blog about it here health insurance blog

In the end it just doesn't have the popular support it would need to get passed Congress. If there was enough real support for it in the general population it would fly thru the Congress. Unfortunely the population is changing, enough to support this kind of idiocy? Who knows.
Even if it did happen I agree with Somarco we would all sell supplements. And it probably wouldn't last long, a few Dateline specials showing children not getting medical care and everyone would be clamoring for private health care again.
Unfortunatly I think that it has more support than ever. And a greater number of people are on a government supported plan than ever before. I'll ask my husband about that. He once told me about a case study showing what percentage of health care is already paid for by the government. That would be interesting to know. I'll see if he still has the info.
Thanks for all your replies, and nice blog James. So I am wondering, as a newbie with no knowledge of the health insurance industry...

1) IF (and I know its a big if) Universal Health Care did pass, would private plans still be allowed to compete with the government's plan (under the most common proposals)? Or would the government be the only option for everybody?

2) Can you make decent comission $, and a good living, on the supplemental products as an agent if you are a hard worker?

Thanks again.
*UP* I am wondering about the supplemental products. Do you think under a universal system that demand for these products would skyrocket? Would more, new products pop up? Are these supplemental products very profitable?
"Come to America - land of the FREE" - the libs/far left, want everyone to believe that those words mean "you don't have to pay for anything"!

Moreover, they are cultivating a base of illiterate, non english speaking rank and file that are willing to accept anything they are told as gospel. It is transparent and it is sickening.

For those that truly cannot afford health insurance - we already have medicaid and other state run health programs, as well as welfare. I predict that they will eventually propose and pass a limited "no person left behind" national program that will basically be a retread of the state programs currently in place - but at a much higher cost with numerous layers of bureaucracy added.

People will "be dancing in the streets" claiming victory - until they need to use the program. At that point, they will be told to "stand at the back of the line and wait till your number is called", if you really need attention, they will schedule your appointment 6 months to a year out.

I can also predict that those programs will be staffed by medical personnel freshly out of med school - more like an internship, required community service, perhaps with an incentive to knock off thousands of dollars of student loan debt.

It will be a class system - those that can afford private health care will continue to purchase it from us and have access to the best docs/hospitals etc. Those that choose to use the "public health care" - well, "take a number and stand at the back of the line".

We might all be surprised at the number of people who decide that they really can afford private health insurance after they witness the "public health care system" It would certainly force people to rethink their priorities - hmmm.......a new big screen tv or good health insurance........which one would be better for me in the long run?