Universal health? Dead as a nail

Crabcake Johnny

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For any of us who were even remotely worried about universal health - don't. It's shaping up to be McCain as the Rep and he's for expanding the competitive market and Billary has all but dropped it to be little more than a footnote in her campaign.

So what's up with Billary? If anyone remembers, universal health care was a major campaign platform during the Clinton campaign. However, it can't be a major platform for her now.

Why? It's the economy stupid. When we're batting around the "R" word you simply can't tout a program that must raise taxes to be implemented.

If Hillary was running around touting universal health care it would be the nail in her campaign coffin. Her opponents would demand to see the math - and the math can't happen. You can't run the numbers and make it work with anything less than a 2% corporate tax and 5% personal tax hike.

And let's go ahead and talk about more taxes when record numbers of Americans are in foreclosure and massive lay-offs are coming from auto manufacturers.

Now the focus is Iraq, the economy and immigration. I would have thought that by this time in the campaign "health care for all" would be one of the three major topics.

Bottom line if we have more to worry about with individual state initiatives then anything national.
John - There you go again, confusing reality with politics. Living in Maryland, I figured you would know that reality and politics mix like oil and water.

Hillary has explained the math on this several times. It's good for America, during a recession is when more Americans are likely to lose their health care, at a time when they may need it the most. Of course we can do this. We don't need to raise taxes, we just need to roll back the tax cuts given to the very wealthy Americans and have them pay their fair share. All will be right with the world then.

Of course, to make this work, wealthy americans will be redefined as anyone making over $50,000 a year, and the term fair share will be determined by ???????

We can do this, we must do this, it's for the children.


P.S. Okay, yes, I'm being a bit sarcastic
Universal coverage is not dead.

Individual mandate is something you better believe Romney will push.

Either plan cuts out the broker, and eliminates commissions. I find it laughable that most agents believe insurance companies love agents. We are a HUGE liability on their balance sheet (collectively).

Individual mandate increases the insurance companies business, and lowers expenses while avoiding a hostile take over.

I would love some Mass agent to chime in and tell us how great their individual mandate has been to specifically their IFP and Group Health sales.
Same in MD - cannot go direct, no published underwriting guidelines, no client or app tracking, nothing. $18+ per month regardless of premium which for my average AV of $4,100 breaks down to 5% commish. No thanks. I write 'em when I have to.

And the designated brokers just love dealing with indie agents looking for an appointment:

"Look *** - just download all the paperwork from our website and please never call us again."