Very sick man looking for coverage.


Someone I personnally know called me today seeing if I could cover him for life ins. He is very sick and the carriers I use will not cover him. Is there anyone that may be able to help him?
He is 50yrs old
diagnosed with cirroses(sp) of the liver in 2005
Currently taking like 10 meds or so including:
These are probably misspelled but you get the picture.
Not sure what carrier would even look at his app but thought I would try anyways since I know the guy.
Any suggestion would help.Thanks
You could probably stack up a bunch of gauranteed issue policies, but they would certainly be graded death. The ones that come to mind are:

1. Gaurantee Trust Life
2. United Honme Life
3. Columbia Life
4. Presidential Life
5. US Financial Life
6. Citizens Security Life
7. Baltimore Life Insurance company
8. National Guardian Life
9. Pioneer Security Life
10. United of Omaha.

To the best of my knowledge, none of them are rated A+
Actually a good number of those companies listed are not guaranteed issue, they are simplified underwriting and they still have "knock out" questions. Guaranteed issue would be like Colonial Penn where there aren't even any medical questions.

Many of the graded benefit plans like Columbian, Presidential, etc. are set up that if you answer yes to any of the conditions mentioned the first looonnnggg questions, you are rejected, and if you answer yes to anything in the second group of conditions, you are graded. If you can answer no to both, you have an immediate benefit.

A true guaranteed issue is what you need, but that is going to be very limited face amounts at very high costs. Unless he has nearly no assets and needs this as a burial fund, it's probably not worth it. I had Colonial Penn in my bag for a number of years and only sold one to a lady with cancer and I tried to talk her out of it first. All the other leads I got from TV commercial were people who just didn't realize better products were available for their health status and I always sold something else on those leads. I don't think that's what they had in mind when they doled out those leads. :-)