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I did not now that you can lose your license for failure to pay child support. You also get penalized for not reporting an address change. There were alot of violation in indiana, and I only looked at the 1st page. I also found out that my manager has only been in the biz 2 yrs longer than I have. What a joke.
What does lack of fitness mean? people are losing thier licenses because of it. It was actually a guy I turned in. I felt bad because he lost his license, but he was using the company I was representing and I ran into someone he switched to them and she was diabetic, in a wheel chair, and missing her legs. On the app it asked if you have insulin dependent diabetes, obviously she did and he no longer works insurance at all.
When I was taking my CE class the presenter told me that in MD the number 1 reason for loss of license was agents bouncing a check to the DOI for initial licensing.
As I type this a very good friend of mine has his license suspensed for $8K in MD back taxes. So now not only doesn't he have any money, but he cannot write a deal. Interesting how that works.
Kind of like if you can't pay your electric or phone bill they will charge you an extra $100 to turn it back on. I still don't understand how these things work.