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I was in NOLA for New Years Day this year. I have two young nieces who live in Gretna. I'm glad to see that the area is coming back.

There are various ways to drive traffic to your website. You can advertise on the pay-per-click portions of Google, Yahoo and MSN. All three have local geo-targeting options. You can learn how to get high rankings for your website in the organic (free) search engine results. You can use off line advertising to drive people to your site. I do all of the above.

I like the look of your site, however, I do not advise that you spend much on promotion until make it easier for your visitors to give you the information you need to turn them into prospects and clients. Chances are you will do best by encouraging your visitors to either call your or to complete a questionnaire that will capture their contact information and the information you need to give them a quote.

If you want people to call you, the phone number should be much more prominent and should be repeated in the text and not just in the header. Don't say "please call for more information." Say "Please call me at 504 352 8884 for more information." If you want visitors to complete a questionnaire so that you can give them a quote, the link to your questionnaire should be prominently displayed.

ABC or always be closing applies to websites as well. Ask for the order on every page. The order, in this context is, their contact information. You can't be too in-your-face about it, but you have to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you if you want to maximize your return.

If you want help with the questionnaire, please send me a private message. One of the side benefits of joining our affiliate program is the option to use our questionnaires. Your visitors will see your name and number displayed not ours, unless they request information about a line of insurance you don't sell or are from an area that you don’t' service. You will get all the local or "roundtrip" leads generated from your website emailed to you for free. If a visitor who you do not want to service generates a valid lead, you will be compensated in money or in credits you can use for free leads.

One last thing: Don't expect potential clients to compose an email to request quotes. Very few will. I suggest that you take your email address off your site before it gets read by the wrong spider, or you will get on everybody's spam list. There are programs designed to read websites and pull email addresses off of them. Your email is in the header visibly and hidden in the source code of your contact page.

Good Luck with your site,
So I'm sure most of you have web pages, I also have a page but I'm trying to figure out the best way to drive traffic to my page.

Norvel Insurance Agency - Home

I have a yahoo local listing, I'm also a member of Starting a Business - Free Business Services, and a few message boards like nola.com which is local. Not sure where to go from here. Advice would be much appreciated.



Nice looking website Randee. I like the smooth color and simplicity of website. Btw, did you code that website with html yourself or hire a web designer?
Thanks 007!
I actually did the website myself. Yahoo is hosting the page and so far I'm happy with their service. I will be re doing the website in the future so I can add more html "click on me" buttons but for now I think it serves the purpose.

Constructive comments are welcome. Advertising ideas and places needed as well as promotion of the site. It's been submitted to the major search engines already. have a yellow page ad too.

thanks again!

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