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What happens when....

I hate it when they shop anywhere but through me. Not much I can do about it.

Of course going online has it's own unique traps.

Some carriers quote more favorable rates on "new" business than they do on renewal/existing business.

New rates have not been underwritten and someone with a pre-ex may lose the immunity they have for that condition if they go to a new carrier.

And there are plans that have limits that may not exist on the current plan. Some plans have annual caps, no or limited coverage for Rx. All kinds of things that someone shopping online would miss.

Another way of looking at it is this. If they are foolish enough to go shopping without the help of a professional agent they deserve to get stung.
You stay in contact with them and keep the most competetive products so they have no reason to shop online...unless they simply don't like you...but that can't possibly be the case here STI :lol:
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perfectchoice said:
..but that can't possibly be the case here STI :lol:

not in this case....we got this one taken care of.......but I do have a three man group going wierd on me and not returning my calls......and I have the familys life insurance and pulled a 2 man group to get the last two babys paid for and now will not return my calls and have been told that they are shopping thier group plan but will not sent me the census and said they are talking to an agent here that I looked up that is at 5yr....sooooooooo....now I have had this group on health market for 3 yr's and stuck uica with two births and all claims have been paid....hummmmmm....will keep u up dated.....
well got past the gate keeper and found out what the the deal was.....had an agent dogging me about that tdi hit I got in 2001...that has been dissucsed here...

that is pretty low that to get Buss. one would have to make light of something like that......

You know if it was the Taco Stand Man (what was his name again?) that would be hilarious.
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yea that would be funny......but found out the name of the agent .....it was not roger.....
STI, you going to call him out on it? See if he will say it to you in person? Outside of that, once you were able to make contact with someone inside the company, how did that conversation go - are they willing to stick with you?