What is in your bag?


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Columbia, MO
So, AEP is almost here.

What is in your bag for sales? I know that the carriers will vary area to area, but I thought that I could get some ideas about what everyone else is doing.

I am planning on this:

MA - Coventry HMO/PPO and Care Improvement Plus

MA Wrap plan - Continental Edge Plus

Final Expense - Oxoford (just sent in my paperwork), Assurity and poss Presidential (looking into)

Diabetics - Medpoint Advantage

Single Premium Whole Life - Legacy

Supplement - BCBS of Kansas City

I am not going to push all the products. I usually go off what the clients hot buttons are and suggest plans or ideas from there. Example: If they are worried about hospital co-pays, then show them Continental.
DOn't you think the continental edge plan is a little pricey? Shoot, you might as well spend a few more bucks a mmonth and buy a supp. The health questions are the same.
By the way.....

MA's= TO, UHC, maybe cigna
SUP = Admiral, Sterling, CRL
FE = oxford, AA, united home life
Annuities= American Equity, Amerus, American Investors, F&G, ING, RBC, Equitrust, North American, LSW, Jefferson pilot, :)
If you do not add any riders, then it is not too bad. I would really only use it for that reason. You can get it up there in price to supplements, but keeping it for inpatient benefits only will keep the premium in the $30-$50 dollar range.

With the Coventry plan being $0 premium, it is a nice warm fuzzy policy for people who are worried about big co-pays.
Med Supp:

Royal Neighbors, Shenandoah, Provident American & UTA

Med Advantage:

Advantra Freedom, Texas Community Care, Today's Options & HealthNet


Advantra Rx & Prescription Pathways

Senior Dental:

Security Life & Constitution Life

Final Expense:

UTA, Shenandoah & Monumental