What is Ricardo to do [if anything at all]?


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From the sounds of it. California legistatures are starting to notice that the property insurance situation in the state is not going well: " California’s present insurance market is in chaos. Across the state, major insurance companies are canceling policies, denying coverage, and dramatically raising insurance rates for homeowners" And I think that assessment is probably optimistic. But I am glad that the politicians now see this.

There are increased calls for Ricardo Lara to "stabilize the statewide insurance market and it urges Lara to use that power to immediately review proposed rate increases " Also " it would be beneficial to use that power to require that the insurance industry provides adequate, affordable coverage in every part of the state". What exactly that means seems unclear to me.

One thing I have noted in most of these articles, and this one: Members of California Congressional Delegation Call Out Insurance Commssioners Proposals to Protect Consumers, is that they are very very light on actual plans and ideas. [And this article is from the Insurance Journal, who is usually better at these publications.]

Since the latest proposal, the so called Sustainable Insurance Strategy [SIS for short] was brought forward including "changes to the FAIR Plan, new rules for the review of climate catastrophe models, and public meetings exploring incorporating California-only reinsurance costs into rate filings" still more insurers have decided to leave the state. It does not seem that Ricardo has much of a plan here. Is he just waiting this all out? Has he given up?
Perhaps it has something to do with the requirements for "insurers to cover all parts of California by writing no less than 85% of their statewide market share in high wildfire risk communities."?
Do you guys know any admitted insurers interested in writing 85% of high wildfire risk communities? Seems like a great place for the FAIR plan and Lloyds to me... Of course it does depend on how you define much of this. From what I see - homes in Suburbia and downtown areas are stuggling to find insurance.

@Al3x Lee [ACV ALEX] Save US! I look at all of this and I still do not see any real proposed solution here. #ricardolara - What are you doing?
It's funny, in a way, how California operates.
My son graduated from SDSU and we visited frequently. Palm trees line many streets in California and their dead limbs hang off the tree almost to the ground. My parents lived in Florida during that same period and palm trees line almost every street but the dead limbs are removed as a normal clean up. Which state has the fires? The one with the matchsticks lining the blvd.
Below is a photo of Californians praying to Alex Lee for a solution.

Why are they camping out in front of your office Mark? Do you hand out free Capes?

I tried giving away free heroin and free iced coffee to bring in new clients. Apparently one of those two is illegal.

Yup, you guessed it. The iced coffee had plastic straws. That's illegal in San Francisco. We're all about the environment out here. Gotta keep this place nice and clean and safe for our children.