What is your Insurance New Years resolution?


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No. Cal.
I'm getting back to the basics: (When more and more agents are racing towards technology, e-mail, websites, back office, etc, I'm distancing myself from the norm. I'm moving towards traditional. Tech is important, but relationships and problem solving is where I see the solution!

1. Hit the phones harder.
2. Send hand written thank you cards.
3. Send prospects snail mail along with e-mail.
4. Go after more DI & Life.
5. Larger group health deals.
6. Mix in more appointments.
7. Call my clients, just to say "Hey." I don't want my clients to think the only time I call is to sell them something.

What a great business we are in!!
Ironically, I am racing towards technology...a race I find utterly confusing. "Search Engine Optimization"?????

I can not win this battle.

Nor can Eli. The Giants play with such little emotion, I wonder if Eli is actually the problem, and not the solution.
Keep on working on SEO and reach top five positions for some very competitive health insurance and life insurance keywords.

Completely automate IFP business have individual go through quoting and application process online.

Telemarketing campaigns to get Small Group Leads

Hire more agents to get more Group Business

That is a good start
Maybe somebody who understands this stuff can tell me if this is legit (as posted by thebeacon). If so...I'm interested.

Not legit.

It is sort of like Real Estate - the real money in Real Estate isn't in buying and selling homes - it is writing the books and selling your "system" to anyone who will buy it.

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