What're your plans for the new year?

100 telemarketing calls per day for one deal a day. Design and start mailing physical newletters to my clients instead of E-newsletters. Learn more about the small group market and start putting some group deals on the books.
Find an affordable and consistant lead generation system that the average agent can plug into. Then test is on myself until I have consistant sales. Once that is done, I'll begin a small agency.
You're gonna find that there's no free lunch. You can spend money on marketing in the way of internet leads or telemarketing and those methods do indeed work. I have tried farming out telemarketing with lackluster results. I can close 1 out of 5 leads that I telemarket while I only close 1 out of 10 a marketer sends me. That's twice the work for half the pay plus hundreds a week to the marketer.
are you talking to DVD.......

Yep. I think insurance agents simply need to know what "self-employed" really means. My best friend owns a Pepperidge Farm franchise. He lives in a gorgeous house, has nice cars, travels and everyone envies him.

He's also up at 4am and off to the warehouse to pick up his merchandise. A lot of stores require him to stock the shelves before 8am. Then after that he goes until about 3pm until his route is finished. He gets home around 4pm then starts his paperwork and inventory which takes him another hour. Then he's in bed by 9pm.

That's an 11 hour day of pure non-stop work. He needs to sell the store managers on aisle displays/promotions and if he loses an account he needs to cold call stores to get a new one. He has wicked expenses as he owns a truck with all the maintenance and gas. He needs to coordinate how much of any certain product is put in on the shelves. If he puts too many bags of Goldfish out and it goes past the expiration date then he eats it out of his profits.

That's being self-employed.
Well, we're talking about changes for the new year and I think my point is that while most business owners log in 8 to 12 hour day of actual work, most insurance agents log in about 2 to 3 hours a day. So if we're talking about the new year, it should be a goal to log in at least an 8 hour day.

The thing that kills me about successful agents selling their "system" is their system just boils down to hard work. It's agent who don't actually want to work who pay $250 to buy "the system."