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When is a good time to call?


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I'm just getting cranked up and have my first individual health lead. When is a good time to start making calls in the morning? 8? 9?

Thanks in advance.
I guess that would depend who you are calling. If I know they have children under age four...I will not call before 10 a.m.

As a general rule, I call between 9:45 and 5:00. I generally do not make any Friday calls past 4:00.
I agree, never call too early, but if when you call is not a good time, that is not such a big deal, if you are dealing with telemarketed leads, as you can call them later without worrying about a dozen others calling first. Just pin them down on a good time to call back. Don't let them get away with "later" or "sometime next week"
I sell senior so I have found that anytime after 9 or before 7 works. I try not to call during local news or noon time. I would think though that with underage you would have to call when they are at home(if your calling residential) if calling biz any time there open I guess
Through a lot of trial and error I've found it's never good to call business owners before 10am. When you call don't expect them to have all the time in the world since they're probaby legitimately busy. However, that's a great time to qualify based on level of interest. I now ask for a good time to call back "later today so I can go over some options." I've found through months of detailed tracking that the owners who come back with "today's not good at all - how 'bout some time next week" have zero interest. Same with "I have your number and I'll call you back." Zero interest.

Just ask yourself:

1) You have a VERY high auto insurance premium and it's killing you. You're paying $350 a month and barely hanging on. A car insurance broker calls you and says he can save you a significant amount while providing excellent coverage. Do you have time?

2) You don't have life insurance and a friend just passed away without any life. Now you're freaking out about your current situation and an indepent life agent contact you. Do you have time?

3) You just got your health insurance renewal. $650 a month was bad enough but now it's over $720 and it's killing you. An independent health agent call you. Do you have time?

Basically, anyone with interest will make time for you. Anyone with no interest will make sure that no time is the right time.
I know it doesn't sound logical, but when I was prospecting really hard I seemed to have my best luck calling between 6 pm and 8:30 pm.

I was calling seniors.

I know all the agruements as to why one shouldn't call during those hours but regardless, that is when I was able to make the fewest calls and get the most appointments. I would set the appointment for the next day.

I have never had a lot of luck trying to set appointments with seniors several days in advance.

I was calling direct mail leads.
When I'm out walking businesses I find the best time is early! Around 6:30 to 7:30 AM and then you have Fridays after 4PM! No one is out prospecting late afternoon on friday, wonder why? Yet I find owners and they are amazed (in a good way) anyone is approaching them, walking or calling.