When you google Torchmark Corporation


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I did not make this up. Earlier today I was curious about some moronic mailing I got today from Globe Life and I 'thought' it was a Torchmark company, so after a little googling, I tried Torchmark Corporation and the very third one in the list was, well, see for yourself.


That would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. When I first started I spent a little time with UA and the marketing was so dishonest that even though I sold a few policies I had to take a long hot shower after a couple of months and QUIT! Thanx be to God.
:twitchy:and..where do you put the banged up stroke and heart attackers??? Oh yeah, you leave that $$$ on the table. Brilliant!

UA does have a niche, just be honest and try not to smirk when you sell it. No risk pool in Flawda folks!
heh...yea, it would be funny if it was such a dishonest operation actively engaged in deceiving people just trying to do the right thing. But yes, I also agree that given the loose u/w that it's not a horrible place for folks who are auto-declines, but here in Texas, we have a great risk pool.

I spent a few months at UA, too, btw and got out before it was long enough to make me want to kill myself. i have, of course, gotten in contact with those to whom I sold a policy and put them into a real insurance plan. And I'm happy to say that I've had friends from there who I encouraged to do the same (and have done...yay!).

But it still amazes that this whole network of overpriced nonsense stays in business. I remember once that a guy in his 50's wanted a 400k key-man LI policy. I was too ashamed to even go to meet him with the quote it was so outrageous. I wish I had stayed in contact, but there's no way I could have sold that crap to him.
Just left them.. id say 6 months to a year and their Flex product will be pulled from the market as people are seeing what it really is now... an overpriced worthless policy, good only for those in the poorest of health. not vital 25 year olds......rediculous