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Where to get appointed...

Take your pick: Assurant, Golden Rule, Unicare, Humana, World, Contential General, American Republic, Blue Cross, Aetna. That should keep you busy.
Thank you guys for your pront reply. my wife and me are new in the field. what are the standar commitions on health ins?..thank you
There are no stardard commissions. They range from 2% up to 25%. Although, you're looking for 15% to 20% commissions to make a living - which should be most of your carriers.
perfectchoice said:
your such a butthead sometimes

awwww come on.......1 post....no info on what state he is in , who appointed him,....its like asking who is has the cheapest health plan in all of the united states.... I was also checking on greenness .......