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Which companies have good maternity coverage?


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Im having allot of people asking about maternity coverage with their plans. Are there companies that offer good maternity coverage with individual plans?
I can only speak for MD - Aetna and Blue Cross. Assurant also has a very good maternity benefit with a single seperate deductible but it's a nine month waiting period.
Maternity Health Insurance Texas

If you are pregnant and do not have Health Insurance there is a Insurance plan that will cover you. The new Texas Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance plan is your answer. If you qualify for this insurance this is your answer. This is not a discount plan but full fledged Health Insurance. So if you need coverage send me a message from this site or call 512-260-0856 and lets talk.
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Ok Thanks Guys!!


How do I get appointed with Humana? I called Benefit Port already and they said they are not yet with Humana but will be in the future!


Humana will cover the birth of a child starting on the 13th month of the effective date of the policy.

Good feature since BCBS of Kansas City has a 24 month wait before you can even be pregnant.