Which one should get their Life Insurance physical done soon?

If Tyson is ring ready and his rust is knocked off, I would go with Tyson... but those are some big if's..

He's not someone I would ever want to fight, but he's not Iron Mike anymore. He doesn't have that fighter spirit.. and that matters.

JP is younger, faster, and has more stamina... plus he has to win... otherwise he looks like a chump as a fighter.

I do hope that Tyson is getting paid though... either way.
I don't disagree, just a different kinda pain.
In Tyson's case will that be enough to overcome 30 years difference?
MT v JP at the same age? JP would have an early night and a bad morning.
I think if Tyson gets in that fighting state of mind and is ring ready, JP will have a long night... even if he wins in round three.

If Iron Mike was in his prime, we agree.