Who do you use for CE Credits and thoughts on CLU...


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What online company offers best all around CE course's and price?

I know some of you have CLU designation and like to hear thoughts if it was worth it?

Who did you go through?

Also looking into CIC if any have experience with that.

As always thanks for input.
I get my hours every year via a seminar. Runs about $80 and I get to learn things you will never get online. Also a chance to scope out the competition.

I have had my CLU designation for a number of years. Started on it while in college. Put it on all my memo's, business card, etc. Most clients have no idea what it means but do know more people don't have it than do.

Now we have all kinds of letters to put after your name. Not sure it means as much as it once did. I see some guys with 3+ designations after their name. I don't think the client see's them as any more credible than the guy with just one designation.
I used web ce to renew my license, very easy and quick.

Designations, I have looked into CSA, and found that no one really cared. My clients, who are 95% seniors, liked the fact that I wrote my cell phone number on the card. That way they knew they could get a hold of me.

I asked another agent who has a designation, and he said he never lost a sale by not having it, and never gained a sale by having it.
I don't think the designations have any impact on the client unless you want to call yourself a financial planner. If you want to get them for your own enrichment, fine but just don't think it is going to increase your closing ratio, it won't. One place it might help is in recruiting. I know that when I see a designation, this agent has shown some committent to the career and is not just filling in a hole between jobs. Still, I wouldn't necessarily choose that agent over another without the designations if I thought the other guy had more fire in the belly.