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Who pays in this situation DME prior to medicare, but bill month after


"I need to order several pairs of custom-fitted, full-length lymphadema stockings. The take about 6 weeks from measurements (which are required) to delivery. If the stockings are ordered under my current insurance policy from my state employer (Anthem ), but the insurance paperwork doesn't go through until I am on Medicare (starting on May 1st), what happens? It's definitely less expensive for me to order the stockings on Medicare (since I would be paying only the $240 deductible), but I need at least two new pairs before mid-June, which would probably be the earliest that I could receive them if I waited until May 1st to order them."

I didn't have an exact answer on this. I know it is covered by medicare, and she has a supplement already for May. She will not get the bill until after May since they take so long to make and her appointment to order them is in April. They are covered by Medicare, so who pays if it is ordered under existing insurance, but rcvd when she is on Medicare, and the bill goes out after being rcvd?
Under her present insurance. It all comes down to when it’s billed . I’m sure it’s billed when it’s ordered and that’s under her present ins .If they measure her and don’t bill until she receives im sure it’s covered under her new ins Medicare.