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WiFi access

cadylou said:
For those of you who use your computer in public places, like I do, you may find this to be of interest


I often go to coffee shops, etc. & meet clients. Sometimes, we go ahead & do the app right there.

Anyway, I thought this might be helpful to some.

I do too! I love the freedom this job allows. Nothing like signing up a new client online while you're sipping on a cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop! 8)

Good info by the way :wink:
why not just spend the $60 a month and get either a Sprint or Verizon aircard so you have access anywhere in the service area?

I did it at the beginning of the year and it's already been responsible for getting 2 deals because I was able to get info for the client that wasn't stored on my computer plus you can always do enrollments online at homes, parking lots, gyms, and anywhere that is convenient without finding a Wifi hot spot.
Shouldn't need to do that

I used to work for Sprint - left a high paying job to fly by the seat of my pants in insurance - used to work for Verizon too -- before they were Verizon (back when they were Bell Atlantic & hadn't merged with Nynex)

Aircards are unnecessary & expensive. All of these places advertise Free Wifi - all you have to do is be aware & understand what the risks are.

Don't make those arrogant idiots rich just because it's "easier" than paying attention -that's what they bank on!!!

Stay informed & be diligent!
One more thing . . .

I've signed multiple deals at Coffee shops at "no extra charge" through a secured, legitimate Wifi network without giving them $60 of my hard earned money. . . .

Get educated & quit paying them for a commodity.