Wildfires are about to burn California politicians - Politico

Look @marindependent , the answer is quite simple. The Californians have spoken; we just need to give them what they want. Clearly, the cause of their woes is these private-sector insurers. All these greedy insurance companies care about is lining their fat pockets with money from soft-working Californians.

We need to BAN all insurance companies from conducting business in California and give them a taste of their own medicine. Who better to handle insurance than the state? Californians will be given automatic coverage on everything. Auto, homeowners, renters, liability, health, life, ALL COVERED FOR "FREE". How will we fund this, you ask? Simple. We tax the 1%, and when they leave or run out of money, we tax the 2%, and then the 3%, and so on. How much this program costs is irrelevant, as we will just keep increasing taxes as we need more money in the coffers. Will the system be efficient? I dunno, I'm saying it will be, but time will tell. The important thing is that you vote for me so you can get your free insurance, the details will be sorted out, hopefully, eventually.

Oh my god. I should frame this.