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My Plantonics headset is 20 years old and still going but some days it acts like it may not make it. Starting to get some static. Looking for wireless headset for my desk phone.

Any suggestions?
I haven't had much success with the wireless headset. I find that people have trouble hearing me. Right now I just use a Plantronics headset.
this is what I roll with....




Plantronics CT12 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Headset Telephone (analog, single-line) is an ultra-compact single-line telephone, offering hands-free convenience and comfort. Includes convertible 2 in 1 headset for over-the-head stability or over-the-ear convenience, a noise-canceling microphone for superior sound clarity and Firefly®, the unique in-use indicator light that lets others know you are on the phone.
Product Features:

  • Pocket Size: Ultra-compact remote unit fits in the palm of your hand and features a convenient belt/clothing clip that remains attached even while charging.
  • 2.4GHz Digital Technology: For increased calling range and digital security.
  • Firefly In-use indicator light lets others know you are on the phone.
  • Noise-canceling microphone eliminates background noise.
  • Caller ID Ready/Call Waiting display: On the remote unit, lets you see who's calling.
  • Extended Talk/Standby Time: 5.5 hour continuous talk time and 10 day standby.
but would buy it here......

Scott, with all the referrals I have sent your way you should buy this for me.
I've been using the same phone for over a year and love it!

You guys have stolen my phone!!! I've been using mine for about 2 years, probably time to replace it, battery has trouble making it through the day if I'm on it for the day.

Yes, I can probably buy a new battery, but what fun is that?????

I've also tried the plantronics bluetooth headset on my deskphone. I don't care for that as much. It has very limited range, and I always feel like people are struggling to hear me. Of course, it was a lot more expensive :mad: