World Insurance

I sell only their Dental Plan and their BenefitWise line of products. The others are not competitive. Their physician network is Great West, which, from what I understand, is not the powerhouse of PHCS, but is better than Coventry or Southcare.
I use World on occasion. Write 1 - 2 cases per month. They have a great deal of versatility in their products and moderately priced. Underwriting can be challenging but have generally had better results with them than Time. Turn around time is slow to unbearable. Commissions middle of the road.

Rarely write their copay plans, mostly the high deductible, 100% plans (non-HSA).

They recently hooked up with GW as the network but still use PHCS and others in some areas where GW is weak or non-existent. Check networks in FL.

They compete fairly well in GA outside of Atlanta. If someone just insists on having BX I will show them a comparable copay plan which more times than not beats Blue, then talk them into something else without copays.

I can't see making them a primary carrier but good for $50,000 - $75,000 or so per year in AP on business I probably would not have been able to write otherwise.

Better than Imerica that I believe you had in your back yard for about 6 weeks before they went belly up.
Thanks both Bobs for the info.

Imerica was here in Tampa, but didn't even sell in Florida. They only had a handful of employees. All the admin, etc. was sub-contracted to HPS as I understand it....

Thanks again, Bobs.
World is a major player in Colorado - they have a number of plans available but we only offer the 100%. Their pricing as of now makes them about the only game in town - I can offer a family of 4 on BX more benefits with World and cut the premium by over $100/mth.

Underwriting seems very good - most of my submits are done within 7 - 10 days. They are more lenient than the other MM carriers here - have had turn downs from others that World took without much problem. Great West is headquartered in Denver - over 93% of all our docs are part of the network.

The only neg is that they do not cover mental or nervous disorders - the other players seem to only offer very limited benefits for that as well, so it's not a major issue with most clients.
I'm fairly new to selling them, but they are very competitive here in Colorado. I know that they offer a variety of products and only certain MGA's/ GA's are allowed to offer certain products. So be careul who you go through as some products are competitive and others are not. I believe that ExpressMed is the way to go.