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GRANGE has to be the worst Insurance Company that there is. They protect the other guy and you pay the premium to be protected.

Any other Companies like this out there?
You could not get any worst insurance than GRANGE.

They care less about their policyholders the only thing they care about is makeing the dollar off of them.

Do you know of any other company like this?
I don't know the worst company, but I heard Badger Mutual is the BEST!!!

This is an old thread but I added Badger Mutual out of Milwaukee about six months ago. They are terrific. Underwriters actually make individual decisions about cases. I had one a week ago where they were declining. I called and gave my pitch and they agreed. The case was issued. Where else does that happen. Maybe it does elsewhere but not often, I assure you of that.

I can call the VP of Badger today and he will speak with me. Where else does that happen.
So how long were you with Farmers before you didn't meet your quotas and moved on?

Sorry to hit a nerve. You must be a Farmer's agent then.

I was never a P/C agent there but have friends who were. I'm not sure if any other insurance company has as many negative blogs out there as Farmers does.

Myself, I spent over 7 years with a different captive company and had a good income but tired of the corporate changes that constantly occurred (changes in commissions for one). So I went independent.
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