Wow - I've been doing this all wrong

that was simply amazing. I love the first guy who's not content to make a commission on the replacement policy he sells you, but also charges you half the difference in savings! Don't get me started on what the DOI would say about that here in Florida.

The rap video was down right over the top! If these guys were really making $40k in monthly commissions you'd think they could at least afford some voice lessons! :biggrin:
How does a 1035 figure into a term to term exchange?

That is why you shouldn't try it on your own! As they say, please don't try this at home! :biglaugh:

Plus don't forget if you live in NY, you may violate Regulation 60, I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure it something!
I love the annuity trio talking about making tons-o-cash while wearing polyester suits.

<singing to myself "Let's go sell some annu1ties">
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