Zero premium diabetic supplies?



Is anyone familiar with either MedpointAdvantage or Insuricom?
They seem to be a company similar to Liberty Mutual, where people that have diabetes can get all of their supplies sent to them, and the company does all the insurance billing. Good old Wilford Brimley used to do commercials for that company.
Anyways, they say that they'll pay you $25 per person who you get enrolled. There is no cost to the person enrolling, the only requirement is that they must have some form of insurance that can be billed.
Seems easy enough to get signed up with this company, no license required, no start-up fees from what I understand, valid in all 50 states.
Does this seem legit, or should one stear clear from this type of concept?
I wouldn't do it for a regular paycheck of course, just supplemental money more or less.
MedAdvantage is legit.
They have a monitoring system for diabetics.
There is a phone conference I am doing on this Thursday.
Will report back.
Are you sure you are talking about the same thing? Blane said Medpoint Advantage and Tommyk said Med Advantage.

........Never mind. I just noticed that there is a thread in the Senior Forum that addresses this topic = MedPoint Advantage.
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Thanks guys for the info. I look forward to hearing how the conference went for you.
I was on the call yesterday (8/28) and it was very basic. Pretty much instructions on how to fill out the application, which is one side of one page and very very easy.

Points that I took from it:

- You do not have to be licensed in every state to sell it (ie if you have a license in KS and someone in CA wants it, you can mail them the app)

- To qualify they must be checking their levels at least 1x per day and have Medicare (they can have Medicaid as well, but jot down their Medicaid # on the app)

- The meter works with the phone line and will download their #'s daily (yes, the need a phone line)

- Their doctor can choose to get a log in and password to Medpoints site and check their clients levels

I am loaded up and ready to go with them.You can sign people up under you. The max down line is 4 people.

And for my shameless self promotion - I would be happy to have anyone under me if you want - PM or email me

But if you have questions let me know and I will do my best to help out
I briefly tried MedPoint but never got paid. They are unorganized and require too much work for very little $.

Another option for agents is Relief Health Services. They pay $40 for a diabetic referral and cut a check within two weeks of my submissions.

Their website is: ReliefHealthServices,com click on the insurance agents button for more info. They have over 7,000 participating agents.

Here are some differences....
  • Agents get paid within two weeks of submitting
  • The application for the client is less than a page
  • Agents get paid for the lead, regardless if the client turns into a closed sale or not.
RHS also offers up to $100 for an arthritis lead and $50 for a lead of someone who has mobility limitations. So the potential income for one client could be substantial.

They work with top suppliers in the industry and will match each client with a supplier that can best accomodate the patient's needs.

My clients have loved the service, and I enjoy the extra income. Much more pleasurable than medpoint.